Fun Times

I have SO many pictures from everyday, it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few to share. I have a serious photo fetish! I may need therapy.

The hardest part is, that I can’t share any of the ones of Baby Girl with you. She is SUCH a doll! She is growing up so fast, and I am very glad that we got some time with her again. She will be almost a year old when they come back to Georgia for the winter.

I did manage to get a real neat slide show of our vacation made. JJ helped me. It has music, cool effects and everything… but WAY too big to put up on here. So, I am sending one to my mom and dad, Matt & Amy, and any one else in the family who wants one.

But for now, here are some photos of the next three or four days of our trip.

Monday: Dad & Carol came to visit us, and love on Baby Girl, in San Rafael.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed playing in the pool with Uncle Matt.

Papa & Carol thoroughly enjoyed the boys, and Baby Girl!

We had a very nice, casual day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: We headed out to Bodega Bay with Matt & Amy. We hung out, played card games, geo-cashed, whale watched, hiked and ate yummy food.


A great geo-cash tree!! Actually, it was a great tree even without the geo-cashing. Harrison wants to move there when he grows up. I hope he forgets. It was pretty cold… I’d worry.

Do you see the dark dot on the left? It’s a sea-lion jumping out of the water. The whole island is covered with sea-lions. We could hear them barking.

As we were hiking, we came along this wild turkey. She was awesome! We could hear chicks too, but she was doing a good job of protecting them.

 At the Nicholas Green Memorial.

Thursday: Leaving Bodega Bay and heading back to San Rafael.

We LOVE the beach and enjoyed every bit of time there. The boys think that geo-cashing is one of their favorite things to do. Combine that with the beach and they are some very happy kids. Thanks Uncle Matt & Aunt Amy. You ROCK!




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