Oh Where, Oh Where…

…have I been?

It has become very difficult for me to keep up the blog and my daily life. I have stuck with it these past few years for my family back home in California and dear friends across the “pond” to know what is going on with us, but I am thinking that I either realize I can’t do it all, and not feel guilty about it, or I need to totally give it up and just get over it.

I still haven’t posted about the rest of our California vacation – which I just couldn’t wait to share with you… and now there are things that are happening now that I should be posting about. I’m SO behind… and have just lost the momentum to keep up.

It may be that annal, perfectionist, (OCD) everything in chronological order thing with me. I don’t know, but I have a hard time moving on until I’ve shared “what’s already happened” with you.

So… I think I will post some of our favorite pics from the rest of the trip in one post… and then move on. We had a great time and saw lots of friends and family. Those that were there… know what we did and most of you who weren’t there… don’t care!

So that’s my plan.

Off to work on the next post.

Well, after I feed the chickens, check the garden, grade some papers, switch the wash, get lessons ready for tomorrow and start dinner.





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