Turkey, Quail and Thai

Well, on our 8th day in California, we traveled from San Rafael to Yountville to pick up my mom (“Grammie”) and take her with us to see Uncle Rick in Castro Valley.

We had a great time once we got there, and the boys just loved Uncle Rick’s place.

They worked on some RC cars/trucks and took in the scene.

We even saw another wild turkey.

And a bunch of quail.

I just love those little quails. There were several families of them. The daddy’s would stand watch while the kids and moms ate. Have some shots of more than one family all together – but they didn’t come out very good. Just hard to see them. But these of the males on the fence are so pretty.

Mom is 79 and although legally blind, she is doing very well. She was in hog heaven to be with her grandsons and see Ricks place. It was well worth the long drive North to get her. It made her very happy to be there.

The guys all went down to a level clearing to drive the RC trucks. Little did we know that aside from the stickers, it was tick infested! Uggg. Not fun. But they got them all off before any could burrow! The ticks that is… not the stickers! We were pulling those out of their sox and shoes for a couple more days!

For dinner, mom treated us all to Thai food.

The boys always have a good time when Uncle Rick is around!

After an awful time of getting on the freeway that night (on ramp after on ramp closed due to night time construction and then when I did get on… headed the wrong direction. It’s complicated…), we finally got into Lodi and checked into our hotel room at about 11:30. We were exhausted.

The next day would be our ‘Gathering in the Park’ with lots of family and friends we haven’t seen in a long time. Dave was trying to get on a flight from Atlanta so he could be there for the part event the next day too.

Lodi is where I spent my childhood. I love that little town, and although it has changed a lot since I lived there, it will always remain “home” to me.

Here is a little video someone made on YouTube about Lodi, California.






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