A Rare Find – not really

Not a rare sighting… but a rare capture indeed.

We see Cardinals on our property all the time, and we love them. They have great personalities and they are so pretty, but I’ve never gotten THIS close to one!

It just didn’t move when I went near it.

I was on the phone with my good friend Sandy, and as I walked closer and closer to the little guy, he didn’t budge, so I reached down and picked him up!

He didn’t have any blood on him. I expected that one of our bird killing cats – who shall remain nameless – was to blame, but there were no signs of any trauma. (The pink on my thumb is apparently berry colored poop – or something like that – it wasn’t blood.)

He did get scared and grab my finger with his beak however.

And he never let go!

Even when I sat him on the ground after our photo shoot!

Isn’t he just SO cute!

But he did eventually fly away… seemingly just fine.

What a wonderful encounter with one of Gods creatures!


It makes me SO happy!!


Another thing that makes me happy is that I just finished a good day of school with my boys, AND… I actually wrote this post out of order!! I did it!!


You know what? I feels good! Kind of like a weight was lifted.







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2 responses to “A Rare Find – not really

  1. Papa

    Heidi, That is great! Good story too.

  2. Awwe, he’s a sweetie. Cardinals are so pretty. We get them here too, but have never gotten that close! We did get a nest of robins’ eggs in our grill once though. We didn’t want to move them so we didn’t use our grill until they hatched and left the nest. It was fun for all of us to watch that whole progression! They got to see some of the robins make their first attempts at flying. 🙂

    Hey, you did it! Freedom from the shackles of chronological posts!

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