This is a Test… I Repeat… This is Just a Test

A test to see if I can break out of my “OCD-ness” with pictures.

I will attempt to post for you next, a short post with pictures of something that happened yesterday *gasp* and not finish my posts on our California vacation.

*sweat, pant, hyperventilate*

Yes… I know, I know… it’s a dangerous feat, but one that must be done. If not now, when?


I’ve learned some positive self talk just for this occasion.

“I’m going to be brave. I can do it. I’m going to be okay after I’m done. No curse will befall me. Life will still go on. Getting your pictures out-of-order will not hurt anyone. Nobody cares! (oh, that one just hurt.) There are more important things in life than seeing your blog posts in the order that they happened. You will be a better person after this. It’s for your own good. This is what seperates the women from the girls, the seasoned from the bland, the edge of life from the comfort zone. ”

Okay already. Hush, self. I get it.

I will now write my, WAY OUT OF ORDER, post…

*deep breath*

and life will go on.


I know… I need a shrink. :/


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