Stalactites and Stalagmites

Funny how I’m learning as much as the boys are in so many subjects!

Hey, I’m not proud of the fact that I didn’t pay attention to… well, anything when I was in school. I was a daydreamer and I spent a good part of my day off in la-la-land! I liked it there. I still do.

But… in an effort to make school more fun for my boys, I am getting very interested in it this go around. 

NEVER would I have believed that I’d EVER like school if you’d have asked me thirty years ago.


Well, anyway, after two or three failed experiments so far this year, I am happy to say that our study and experiment on stalactites and stalagmites worked. It was a very cool thing to see.

We put about a cup epsom salt into some warm water in a jar and stirred it up until the salt was all dissolved. We dropped in a little blue food coloring too. Then with a washer tied to each end of a cotton string (I used an old t-shirt) we put those in the blue, salt water and set the jars apart just enough that the string was about an inch or two from the counter. (BTW, we put it on a cookie sheet with some paper towels just in case it got real messy.)

In about three days we had a good start to our stalactites and stalagmites.

I just happened to come in and check them one morning when the sun was shinning right into one of the jars. Made the stalagmite part look like it glows!

If we’d have made it green it might have look like kryptonite!

After about 4 days it connected.

Here is a pic of it after a week.

It was tunneling off to the sides!

We just threw it out today. Got other experiments waiting in the wings! This was a very cool one though. We liked it.




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  1. Kat

    This is so cool we visited OR Caves NP this year and my dd and I walked up inside a mountain. We saw for the first time cave features so we decided in our first unit of school this year to do Caves love this experiment. Homeschool is so much fun, hard and rewarding.

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