Adios Derf

JJ decided that Derf had had enough of civilization.

She was great to observe for a while, but she needed to get back to the wild and get ready for winter.

The two surviving eggs, that she had laid, did not hatch. We were, of course, very disappointed, but knew that it was a longshot from the start.

This wasn’t easy for Jage… he loves him some turtle! But he knew that she wasn’t happy and needed to be free.

I missed the photo-op of her cute little head out. We guessed her to be 8 – 10 years old by her shell. (But what do we know.)

We put her right back out where I found her, by the compost pile, and it has lots of crazy-good grub in there for her.

Good-bye Derf… have a good life.

Who knows… maybe we’ll see her again come Spring.



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