Senior Portraits

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting Senior Pictures for a very sweet girl in our church. We met out at a mutual friends house and spent about three hours shooting. It was so fun. I took almost 500 pictures, and most of them were good. Yes… she is that photogenic! She made it easy for me.

Her beauty goes far deeper than her looks. She is a sweet and special young lady, and I feel honored to be able to take these photos.

Here are just some of the ones I’ve edited.

(click on the photo to see it larger)

It was an amazing experince and I am glad that she is happy with her photos.

I could get into this!




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One response to “Senior Portraits

  1. Oh my goodness, hi-d! You are a total pro! REALLY! These photos are amazing! Or maybe you ARE a pro and I just didn’t know? Anyway…awesome job. I bet she was SO happy with them. Now…you need to come take some photos of Maximus. 🙂

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, dear friend!
    hi-d (too)

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