Truly Christmas

Our 2011 Truly Christmas Charity Event went off beautifully last night. We had a full room of tables and the program was wonderful. So many people put so much of themselves into getting this thing put on this year, and I am so pleased that it went as good as it did.

JOY was our theam.

I didn’t really have time to take pictures… I tried, but didn’t get them to come out very good, so just put the camera down and tried to enjoy myself. But I will try to get some from others who I know took some good shots.

This year I did not have to make 350 magnets, ornaments, or anything else! Oh… ya, except for those little chocolate candies to put on the dessert… but those were really easy. This year I made two big angels for the stage. They were HUGE, and I needed a ladder to do their halo’s!

Here is how I made them:

First of all I had Dave make me a base. Just some 2×4’s into a tee-pee type frame, with two long pieces at the bottom for ease of picking up and moving the angels later. (We cut them off once they were on the stage.) Then it was just chicken wire!

I sculpted, or rather, wrestled (literally) with it until came out an angel!

I used plastic zip ties to attach the wings and to hold on added pieces of chicken wire.

Then I rolled up some chicken wire – flaring out one end, and paper mache’ed it – glued on (indications) of hands out of tin foil, then paper mache’ed again. Paper mache’ed the heads. Spray painted the heads, hands and trumpets gold… then off to the stage in the back of a truck.

After we squeezed them through the door of the gym, barely making it, I took (cheap) batting material (that was on sale) and hot glued around the “dress” of the angel. Now… I had originally planned to paper mache the whole angel. But I decided it would be too heavy to do that, so then came up with “dressing” them on the stage. (It’s a good thing I didn’t, because they never would have fit through the gym door!) If I had known earlier I was going to do it that way, I would have made them skinnier – like more of a regular body shape – not with big draping sleeves and all that. It just made them huge when I added more “clothing”, but they were fine in the end. Angels with girth, I call them! 🙂 And isn’t that the kind of angels we want around us???

JJ helping me fill the wings with tissue paper. 

So, after the batting material, I did a layer or two of tulle. A sash of golden tulle and tissue paper for the wings. Just like they do on the floats for parades… just tear off the tissue and poke it in the chicken wire! Ta-da!! An angel!

(These shots of the stage were taken the day before, during set up. We had baby Jesus in the manger and other stuff done for the Event.)

Oh, here is one during the program.

Will tell you about my centerpieces this year – soon. Right now I need to go take some Advil, start the laundry (that I have neglected for two weeks) and wash some dishes!


It’s all good.

Another year.

Another Truly Christmas.

And I’ve already started sketching ideas for next year.



***Just recieved this picture from a friend. Thanks Amy.



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4 responses to “Truly Christmas

  1. Heidi, I’m crackin’ up, because I was sitting there that whole time gawking at those angels, wondering who was the mastermind behind those – they were so big and pretty and really well done. I should have known it was you!

  2. Reece

    Hi Heidi, I was looking for your fondant recipe. Would you please send it to me? I love looking at your pictures. They make me so homesick. Miss all of you so much.

  3. Hi Heidi,
    I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful idea you had for the Christmas angels. We designed a float for our school using your design. Please visit us on Facebook to see our float.
    Sacred Heart Catholic school
    Prescott Christmas float 2014

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