Truly Christmas Centerpiece #1

This year I made two new centerpieces. One was more of an assembly type deal, and the other one was definitely hand-made through and through. I also had another table that I used my “Woodland Christmas” scene on from 2008.

The centerpiece that I made for my first table was a giant snow globe. Well, that was the intent. (It resembled one anyway.)

It was “assembled” by first finding and buying a large round vase. It looks kind’of like a big fish bowl.

Then I constructed a base in which to glue my pieces for the snow-globe “scene”. I bought a round piece of wood that would fit nicely down in the bottom of the bowl. It doesn’t have to fit exactly, but you don’t want it hitting too high up on the sides of the vase. You want all the weight distributed as evenly and as low as possible. Don’t want your vase breaking and going all over the table! That would be very unfortunate. 😦

I painted the base with several coats of white paint, sprinkled with glitter and sealed it at least two times. You want a good indoor/outdoor sealant – so it can withstand a while in the water.

Then, I drilled a hole in, approximately, the middle of the piece of wood to insert (and glue) a small tree. I had found a nice looking plastic deer and two fawns, a tree stump with three squirrels on it, and glued them all down on the wood. Use a waterproof glue. I use E6000. It’s potent… so open a window – or get silly – whatever you prefer.

I sealed all of it again. Even the deer and tree. (spray sealed the tree before I glued it in.)

Now, I bought several bottles of Aqua Gems, Water Gels or whatever brand you have at your local craft store. They are in the floral department and look like a bottle of clear marbles. They are actually, clear (or you can buy colored  ones) little balls of gel. They feel neat. But the best part is that when you add water to them… they virtually disappear! Thus… enabling you to suspend items in your “snow globe”.

What did I need to suspend, you ask? How about SNOW or glitter! It is a snow globe after all! Anyway, just sprinkle away and watch the glitter fall onto your scene, but some of it stays on the tops of the different balls of gel. It’s really rather cool. Now, I better tell you that before you sprinkle in the glitter, you need to get the bubbles out. Either use your hand or use a long skewer to get as many of the bubbles out as possible.

If you can, find a bird to suspend in flight… that is the coolest part of this for me. But I couldn’t find one that matched my scale, so I made my own out of sculpy clay. Painted him, and then sealed and re-sealed him. He worked out just perfect. I should have also made some cardinals to be in the tree – that would have brought in some red and looked nice, but I ran out of time. You can make whatever suits your fancy, and put it all over the globe! Wherever you put it… it will stay.

(There is a little glare of light on his left eye, it’s not painted white.)

Just before the dinner event, I turned on four submersible lights and layed them on the top of the gels. They kept flipping around on me and shinning up, so I slid a piece of clear plastic (from some clam-shell type packaging) on the clip part in the back of them, and that kept them stabilized for me.

I placed a cool piece of cloth under the vase and added some glittery ornaments and snowflakes around it. (In hindsight, I wish I would have elevated the whole thing a little.)

The favors for the tables guests were their very own snow globes. I found these neat plastic snow globe bottles at Michael’s Craft Store. I put a little tree and a fawn in each one, some glitter, silicone, distilled water and bam… snow globe! Now… just a side note, I wouldn’t put the trees in them if I were to do it again. They kind of discolored the water a little. 😦 They still worked.

It was a very difficult piece to get a picture of. But you get the idea.


I guess I’ll show you the other centerpiece in the next post, I still have laundry to catch up on, and craft messes to clean up, oh, and Thanksgiving to prepare for. 



 P.S. Thank you Amy C for the good shot of this all lit up.



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2 responses to “Truly Christmas Centerpiece #1

  1. Natalia

    These are great! Where did you find large glass bowls?

    • The large glass bowl I got at Michaels craft store. The small snow globes are plastic, and were made to make snow globes. I got those at Michaels as well. Hope that helps you Natalia.

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