Truly Christmas Centerpiece #2

This particular centerpiece was inspired from where our proceeds were going this year. We found out that the Red Cross has pulled out of Coweta County – due to lack of funds – and so the fire department was raising money for an Emergency Fund to replace what the Red Cross would do. The money we raised this year at Truly Christmas will all go to that fund.

So, I thought it fitting that we have some of the women firefighters and some EMT’s or even some firefighters wives here for the Truly Christmas event. Sadly, it didn’t work out for any of them to make it. The singing group, that came from Tennessee for us, sat there… so someone got to enjoy it. But I was VERY bummed that we didn’t have any firefighters.

The figures are all sculpted out of Super Sulpy clay, baked, painted and sealed. Baby Jesus’ face is from a mould. The base is a wooden plate that I bought at Michael’s Craft store. I drilled five holes in it for the acrylic rods to go threw. I needed them to poke out the bottom so that I could light up the rods. The rods take light up to the star, and in the star is one LED light that shines right down on Jesus.

I painted and sealed the wooden base, painted the bottom part of a hat box and glued the wooden base to the upside-down painted hat box.

(I am SO NOT good at taking pictures of my projects along the way. 😦 )

Remember… you can click on any photo to see it bigger.

Here are a couple of shots of it in the dark. I had to put it in the bathroom and set up my tripod to get the full effect of the star and rays of light.

It may make its way to the firefighters after all. Will keep you posted.




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One response to “Truly Christmas Centerpiece #2

  1. Yuji, Nagisa and Kaoru

    Dear Heidi, and the Boys (Dave included here) of course all the clitters, too

    We are just dropping by to say “Happy Thanks giving !!” it is hard to remember the day when there is no sigh of it around here.
    We always appreciate your firendship!
    and My, you have been workin’ hard! Gald to know you made new masterpieces for Truly Christmas and thanks for sharing them with us.

    Have a pleasant weekend, we will be missing your cranbery stuffing…but will be thinking of y’all!

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