Trippin Lion

My boys and their best friends, Tate and Tucker, have come up with several little movies lately. I love that they are being creative and enjoying the process of all that goes into making a movie.

Sometimes JJ (the director) gets frustrated with his “actors”, but they always find a way to work it out and JJ gets his shot. I love to hear all of them talking and brainstorming about a scene or new movie idea. Ultimately, they have all put into each movie some great ideas, skills and talents. 

I am proud of each one of them and even if I’m not thrilled with some of the subject matter… I encourage their creativity and expression. And they just CRACK ME UP!

Here is the latest one. I’m sorry to this Justin Bieber guy… I don’t really know who you are, but I’m sorry anyway. They jest.

“Who Killed Justin Bieber?”

They jest.




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2 responses to “Trippin Lion

  1. Yuji, Nagisa and Kaoru

    Great Job, JJ! I like the sound track. I also like it, cuz I kinda know all the actors in it They all have grown..
    Heidi, I’m just using this space for something else, what will you be doing in March? Kaoru would like to go visit around the nineth for about a week.
    just want to know if it will be all right with you before we do anything.

    • We would LOVE to have Kaoru come see us in March!! The boys will be so excited to know their “other brother” is coming! Look forward to it. 🙂

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