Bringing in the New Year Celebration

Well, it’s here! Happy New Year!

I had the pleasure of spending my evening with eight great guys!

Don’t worry Ma… it’s pretend bubbly!

Of course I didn’t get to “hang” with them the whole evening, but enjoyed hearing them make yet another movie or two, and laugh while playing their Splinter Cell game (kind’of like our “hide-&-seek”, but with ninja or military or some other element to it. They are in teams and then try to get the “code” out of whoever they catch… whatever… I don’t know, but they LOVE it and have SO much fun!) I called them up just before midnight for our toast and to say what our New Years Resolutions were.

One boy said, “To be a nicer brother.” Oh, be still my heart!! Sure wish it were one of mine.


Welcome 2012!

Let’s be nice to each other now, k?




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