It’s Monday, Monday

So much has been going on lately, that I feel like I am spinning in circles most of the time.

I think I am well on my way from climbing out of that funk that I was in for about two months. It was a bad one, and I really hate that place. Doing much better now though, and working on ways to never go back there.

A change in our home school schedule and studying stuff I never got “the first time around” (in high school) took up a good chunk of my vacation days. However, I am very pleased with our new school day, and the boys said that even though it was harder, they are liking the new set up! That made me very happy.

Harrison has another piano recital coming up this Friday evening. Once again, he is not in the least bit nervous. Good for him, but I am!

We had a wonderful time with dear friends this weekend. We celebrated Matt’s birthday a week early (even though I forgot that we were doing that! 😦 ) by eating haystacks, watching Ashley WALK (Yes… the little baby girl in my life is walking already. She is SOOOO cute.), play with her big boy cousins and then we played card games after dinner. Had such a great time! We are so lucky to have them back in our neck of the woods for a while. 🙂

Then yesterday, we had a visit from our good friends and old neighbors, Sandy and her son Michael. It’s always a good time catching up with them. I miss them being next door SO much.

Haven’t been taking very many photos of the boys lately, but I do have some pictures of birds, the cats, the chickens and our yard that I haven’t yet downloaded from my camera… which will be an indication to some of you that know me well of how busy I really have been. Since I don’t ever leave photos on my camera for very long at all!! Maybe this week I can get to that.

Well, hope you are all doing well and having a good Monday!





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