Birds & Beasts

I am having the most irritating technical difficulties with wordpress lately. Writing a post is already time-consuming… but now it’s taking me much longer. So… hang in there with me until I can get this matter resolved. Thanks!

In the meantime, here are some recent photos I’ve taken.

Tang. Soaking up some winter sun. “Sunning” is Tang’s favorite pastime.

I love this one of Lulu! She looks like she is licking her chops after eating one of these birds! (But she didn’t eat a bird.) 🙂

And my hens. They love roaming around the yard eating all the bugs they can get!

This last week I received 6 more hens. Two different ladies gave me their three hens that weren’t laying. I am going to see if they start laying for me – but if not – hahhhm. *gllllk* 😦

It is quite interesting the dynamics that are going on in the chicken coop. They are staying in their original groups for the time being. The three Golden Laced Wyandotte’s are sticking together (and are a little mean to the other girls. They are now dubbed the “mean girls”.)

Then the rag-tag three that are an unknown breed are sticking to themselves and not even coming out of the coop. (I got them out today so they could soak up some winter sun – but they didn’t peck around at all. They get pecked on by the mean girls, so they stayed in the pen – even though the door was open for “free-range time”.) They are a sad bunch.

And then there are my original four (above) that are wondering who all these invaders are. I don’t think they are too fond of the arrangements yet. They are getting chased by the “mean girls” too, and it makes me sad.

Hopefully they will all settle down in a few days and get along. And hopefully most of the new six birds will start a lay’en!

Hope you all have a good week.







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