Mean Girls

It’s been gloomy and wet around here lately. Not much sun, and the yard is like a muddy marsh.

I still let my chickens out to free-range every day, even in the rain! They love it.

{My RIR’s}

My only problem with them lately, is that after introducing 6 new birds into the flock, and waiting the expected week of “adjustment”, they are still not really getting along to well.

The Golden Laced Wyandotte are beautiful birds, just mean. And the other three “mixed” birds are so scared that they pretty much stay hunkered down in the coop until the rest of them leave to free-range, and then they can come out of hiding to eat and drink. I hate that for them.

{the mean girls}

Most of all, I hate that my original Rhoad Island Red girls get chased around and pecked on by the Wyandottes (aka: mean girls), and I’m ready to just take those mean girls out and ring their necks.

Today, I’ve seen some slight signs that they are MAYBE getting used to each other, but my little RIR’s still run from the Wyandotts if they come close.

The only exception to all of this mayhem, is the single Buff Orpington from my original four hens. I’ve always said she was dumb as a rock, but, at least she is big… and she can go where she wants – when she wants. Everyone leaves her alone or accepts her scratching for grub along with them. She really is something to see. So big and beautiful. Dumb… but maybe she’s faking it. She sure seems to know how to get along with others!

{“Bonnie” my Buff Orpington}

The mean girls are actually laying eggs, so it’s all the more hard to want to get rid of them. Am I going to have the same problem with any other hens I bring in to replace them?

{Henrietta, who follows me around!}

These things I just don’t know.

And it frustrates me.

I lay awake and think of ways to make it work out for all of them…

but in the morning,

I’m still at a loss.

For now… I wait… and watch. I’ve told myself, that if by the end of this week things aren’t considerably better… they will have to go. (the mean girls that is.)

Ahmi kitty’s leg has healed, and she is no longer limping. Yaaay! We still don’t know what the problem was. After x-rays and a thorough exam, the doc couldn’t detect anything wrong. Although, just a while ago I witnessed her going after some squirrels again. 😦 So, it’s only a matter of time before she gets into trouble again. She has brought us two shrews, 4 lizards and countless large bugs lately. And she’s bound and determined to bring us a squirrel! A hunter is just who she is!

She’s just so cute!

Homeschooling is going well lately. We’ve gotten a lot done and I’m very proud of the boys for their positive attitudes. They seem to like the new schedule, and, for the most part, don’t give me much “heck” about what’s expected of them.

JJ has been cooking with me everyday (as one of his classes) and although I sometimes wonder about his “passion” for it, he has been learning a lot of new techniques. And he is so funny that we usually have a great time.

He made homemade pasta sauce today for lunch. We roasted the veggies, and meanwhile, let the sauce cook down for a while. Then added the roasted veggies & processed with an immersion blender. (I love those things!) It was a bit on the spicy-hot side for me… but a big hit with all the boys.

After I discovered that little canning jars work on the blender, the boys have been making lots of healthy blender drinks for themselves. They actually asked me to get TWO bunches of bananas the last time I went to the store! I love it because they can blend and drink out of the same container – and I don’t have to clean the big’ole glass blender container AND glasses every time. NICE.

{Harrison added the umbrella for your viewing pleasure! “Because it’s a special drink!”}

Gerrit got his eyes checked last week, and I am ashamed to say that he desperately needed glasses! The poor kid. He’s been saying that he thought he needed them for quite some time, but I just kept putting it off. Now I feel bad that I waited so long. He really did need them!

He chose to start off with contacts and has been very diligent with them. He’s my (almost) OCD child, so he is great about washing his hands and taking care of the contacts. He is getting used to sticking his fingers in his eyes, and say’s it’s worth the trouble to be able to see so good after they’re in!

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of joining some other ladies on our Truly Christmas Committee to present the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) with a check for three thousand dollars! What a good feeling that was! We had a great turn out this year for our Truly Christmas event and since we raised the price of the dinner by five dollars a plate, we actually made money this year! We have had the same price for 13 years without an increase.

Well, I can’t believe that I’m out of time already, but I must get back to work and start some dinner. The boys turn into scary monsters if not fed regularly!





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