Right Between the Eyes

I am certainly grateful for Harrison’s Guardian Angel. (I know he has his work cut out for him!) But once again he saved Harris from a much worse outcome.

A weekend or two ago, we were visiting friends for the afternoon, and even though it was freezing outside, Harrison wanted to go out and shoot his bow and arrow. After it had been awhile, I had a funny feeling and went out to look for him. I found him curled up on the ground, just outside their gate. When I got to him, and turned him over, he had blood running down his nose from between his eyes. I FREAKED. That is not my normal response to injuries or tears since, as you can imagine with four boys – I have seen much. But there was just something about it being so close to loosing an eye, that I just shook with thankfulness. It wasn’t a horrible injury, just horribly close to being horrible!

That kid.

Apparently, when he was going to come in the gate, the tip of the arrow hit the gate first, and stopped… but his face didn’t! The back of the arrow hit him right between the eyes.

His first response was, “I can still play with my bow and arrow, can’t I?”


Of course he can. It was an accident, and accidents happen. He just learned how NOT to hold the arrow while going through a gate.



Thank you Guardian Angel. I hope he doesn’t wear you out too soon!



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  1. So glad he didn’t get hurt badly. Boys are so scary sometimes! I think it’s amazing how a mother’s intuition works, though, and it’s cool that you listen to it like that. Those boys are so blessed to have you for a mom!

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