Sunning Hens

It’s been a very unusual winter this year. I’m hearing that it’s unusual all over the place. Being unusual on the side of sunny and warmer is far more appealing to me than colder and icy though.

A few weekends ago, we had a very, very cold Saturday… but the sun was out and it was warmer down low to the ground where the wind couldn’t get you!

I looked out in my backyard and saw my hens soaking up the sun.

Yea… and that’s a daffodil. Don’t usually see those until spring!

I’ll take the sun… and daffodils, any day!




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One response to “Sunning Hens

  1. Yeah, hasn’t it been odd? We were just wondering if our trees out back were budding. It hardly seems likme we’ve had winter yet – wonder if we’ll get that random March snow. Either way, sunning sounds quite nice to me right now! Where’s the beach?!

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