The Greatest Show on Earth!

Last week a friend of mine let me know that she and her sister had four extra tickets to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily Circus and asked if we wanted to go with her.


It’s been a long time since I went to the circus!

Of course, typical of teenagers, my two middle boys didn’t want to go. But during our “discussion” about going, my oldest (24) came up to leave for work. He overheard their fussing, and said “I’ll go to the circus!” Boom. Done. Gerrit was out and Darren was in! (I MADE JJ go, since I knew he would have fun once he was there and Gerrit insists that he went with a friend once when he was little. Hummm, I don’t remember that.)

I debated taking my big’ole “good” camera, but decided that I was just going to go enjoy myself and not have my face attached to the back of a camera the whole night. That was hard, but lucky for me, Darren has a pretty decent camera on his phone and took a few pics for me!

We ate at the food court in the CNN Center before we went into the circus. (We need to go back there for a field trip.)

JJ, Darren & Harrison

Of course you can’t go to the circus with having cotton candy! At least I can’t! (But you may need to break into the savings account to afford it. 😦 What is with that? It’s just spun sugar folks, not spun gold! Shheeesh.) Cotton candy reminds me of trips to the California State Fair (in Sacramento) with my Dad. I remembered I was going to write a book about cotton candy! It still intrigues me. Thanks for those memories Dad! 

Worth every cent. (Hi Sandy – peeking around me!)

(Seems odd that I’m in more than one photo. 🙂 That’s what happens when I’m not the one holding the camera!)

The tiger show had JJ all worried. I told him that the trainer knows what he is doing, however, know matter how tame you make a wild animal… they are never truly tame. (I was remembering the two guys that performed with tigers in Las Vegas… what were their names? One of their wonderful tigers pulled one of them off the stage by his head. Remember that? Messed him up. Siegfried & Roy??? Is that who I’m thinking of? It was very sad.)

***Not to be a downer, but I found the story here in a Readers Digest article. It was Siegfried and Roy… and their white tigers. Wish I could have seen that show once in my life. Wow.***

 JJ, “How do you train an elephant to do that?”

Me, “Lots of peanuts!”

The elephants were magnificent! We all enjoyed them!

Although this may be the greatest show on earth now… I look forward to what I think will be the greatest show of the universe… when Jesus comes in the Clouds of Glory to get his children and take them home with Him forever! (maybe the clouds will be made out of cotton candy!!)

We had a great time and appreciate being thought of (Sandy & Suzanne).

Thank you.





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2 responses to “The Greatest Show on Earth!

  1. I think that was the first time I’ve seen elephants do head stands! Isaac was like, “Why is that man in the cage with all those tigers? Why is he making them do tricks?” I was cracking up.
    I tried finding recipes for cotton candy, but it looks like it takes ages for a tiny bit without a machine, but I did see a vid of a guy modifying a blender for the job 🙂 I’ll just stick to buying that sweet gold.
    Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. Karen Peckham

    Hey, where’s the “like” button on here? I enjoyed this post, and also enjoy the food court at the CNN center. We’ve never been to the circus as a family–that looked fun. We have done the CNN tour and I would recommend it.

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