Cardinal Photo Shoot

I met this little lady outside my kitchen window the other day. She and her hubby were just hanging out and taking a rest from their bug catching. It was a cold day and my boys loved to see how big they could make themselves trying to stay warm.

It was almost like she was posing for me! My technical skills with the camera are still very much in need of work, but I enjoyed this photo shoot very much. 🙂

Here are just a few of the photos I took of them.

She’s so adorable. Even though it’s not as clear as some of the other shots, I just love this last one.

The only thing else I could have asked for would have been a shot with the two love birds together!

How wonderful that our God gives us such beautiful creatures to observe.

We are blessed.





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2 responses to “Cardinal Photo Shoot

  1. Great shots of some beautiful creatures!

  2. Anonymous

    We miss those beautiful birds! Can’t wait to get to see them live soon.

    Just dropping by to wish Harris a Happy Birthday!

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