My Teenage Giraffes

Yes, we are a tall family, but even with the knowledge that we come from tall stock… it is a bit shocking at how tall one can be at such a young age.

If you noticed JJ, in yesterday’s post, how much taller he was than Gerrit… well, I noticed too, and measured him again. He is now caught up with his big brother Darren and stands at a whopping 6 foot 3 inches. And he’s only 14!


The poor kid wants to be done growing already, but chances are he’s not.

And at this rate, he could even pass up his Uncle Jon, who is 6′ 7″ when it’s all said and done.

There is also “little” Harrison to consider. Our pediatrician thinks that he will be the tallest of the bunch! Right now, at eleven years old, he is 5′ 1 1/2″.

It’s not often that I, at 5′ 11 3/4″, feel short, but that day is soon coming!

So, you can imagine how large our grocery bill is. It’s right up there with the mortgage.




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