Spring Chick’s

Oh my word!

I just can hardly stand their cuteness!

Being as I have a broody hen, and being that she is a good breed to “mother”, and being that raising little chicks by myself is not an easy job, and being that I just can’t resist cuteness… I’ve acquired some little fluffy children for Bonnie.

She has been on her nest for two weeks now, but of course, I killed all her potential fathers, soooo, I will have to sneak out the golf balls and fake eggs (that I switched out from her real “unfertilized” eggs), and insert these precious little cuties!

From everything I’ve read and heard, this works like a charm.

I sure hope so.

They say that it’s the best way to raise chicks. Let the “professional” do it for you. I’m good with that.

She will keep them safe and teach them the ways of the chicken… far better than I!

So, they are in the house until I get Bonnie’s extra room built, and then they will be snuck out in the dead of night to snuggle with their new mama.

Wish them luck.




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2 responses to “Spring Chick’s

  1. Nagisa

    You did?! those chicks are sooo cute, just in time for easter,too.
    I sure hope Bonnie will take good care of them..
    We envy your good weather. Winter is still in the air here, We may have just one more cold spell before it really becomes spring! so far birds around my place have not figured out how to get food from the bird feeder yet, What is wrong with them?? Percy et al are hanging out, poopin’ on our veranda, yuk!

    • Oh Nagisa, we wish you guys were still here enjoying the weather. Miss you. The little birds will figure it out sooner or later! Percy et al think that your veranda is home!! Good luck. Hope they figure it out soon!

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