Oh Me of Little Faith

I didn’t want to worry. Believe me, I tried not to. Usually, I’m not a big worrier. But going to bed last night, after checking on Bonnie & the chicks for the 80th time, I succumbed to my migraine induced weariness, laid there and worried.

It was a restless sleep. Being one of our colder nights of late, I tossed and turned, thinking of all the things I should have done different. All the things I was going to bead myself up with in the morning when I went out to check on Bonnie and found her new little brood all dead from the cold.

Sleep did eventually come. But before the sun was up… I was. Worrying again.

I decided that I needed to beef up my mental strength before I went out to see the probable carnage, so I opened up my Bible and tried to find something on protection. I had been praying for those cute little fluff balls… and I had hoped that God would see their importance to us and protect them through the night, but still I had worried.

In the concordance, I found under God’s Protection, Matthew 6:25-34. The heading for that section of scripture is Do Not Worry! I especially liked verse 26. “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” So, I added to that, that He keeps them warm and gives the mama bird the instinct to care for her young.

As I sat and pondered what God was capable of… I realized that He entrusted me with little bundles of cuteness, many years ago. And even though I had many “firsts”, He gave me the instinct and direction for each one of them. He trusted me with little humans. So, I needed to let go and trust that Bonnie would do what she was designed to do, and that God was in control. If they didn’t make it, it was His plan.

So, brimming with tears I make my way out to the coop. Tears of sorrow for not having more faith, and tears of anticipation to see God’s design at work.

As I let the other girls out of the pen, and made my way towards Bonnie’s little nest, and I heard the peeps of little chicks! They made it!

God made sure that Bonnie knew enough to keep these little-wiggly-puff-balls warm, even though they were just pushed under her during the night.

She is being a good little (actually she’s pretty big!) mama to them. She gets agitated whenever I go near her and seems to be telling the chicks when to get under her – if danger is present. They look happy and seem to know that Bonnie is their mama.

 (sorry the pics are a little blurry. took with no flash and the sun was hardly up.)

I am impressed.

With God and with Bonnie!

And my faith is stronger. I know… I know… something could still happen… the cycle of life and all that. God would still be good if they hadn’t made it… and granted, I haven’t seen all six of them yet… but my faith is STILL stronger because I was able to grasp a little deeper God’s love for me… and my children… and all His children. He loves us so much more than I or Bonnie could ever love those little chicks!

Love doesn’t make everything perfect down here on earth, but His love for us, and death on the cross, has given us the promise of perfection and a life with Him forever.

Looking forward to it!

For now… I will work on trusting Him more.

Off to sneak peeks at those darling little fluff-balls before the boys are up. I can’t wait to tell them!






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