Bonnie’s Brood

Our little mama has been doing great! It’s amazing to me how well she’s doing as a first time mom. She is teaching them to scratch and peck in the dirt, and will sit down and let them crawl under her when they need a warm up or a nap. She has different sounds for them too. Like a happy low cluck when they are playing around, and a different sound for alarm when they all stop what they are doing and stay perfectly still. And even another sound that means to scurry under her wings. It’s just amazing.

 I don’t get tired of watching her and those chicks!

Today, while at the Tractor Store picking up something (real quick), I just had to go by and take a peek at the store’s chicks! You know… that “cheep, cheep, cheep” is just irresistable!

I was watching a newly arrived batch of little bantam chicks and noticed one of them that was about half the size of the others. It was getting knocked around and pecked on, and was so small that it couldn’t even reach the water.

When one of the workers came by, I asked her if I could just buy that one little chick that was so small. She said, “Oh, no… you have to buy six.” I told her that I did buy six… on Monday, and that this little chick wasn’t going to make it til morning. After a little bit of convincing, and telling her that I had a broody hen, she finally gave in and said, “Don’t tell anyone that I did this!”

So… chick number seven came home with me!

(That’s a butter dish her food – and her – are in!)

I was not planning on this.

I probably shouldn’t have done this.

I may regret this.

I think I need therapy.


But here she is…the cutest little chick I ever did see!

She spent the rest of the day under our heat lamp, with a big fuzzy slipper to cuddle with, and some food and water.

She is so small that I had to rig a smaller water feeder for her. It’s made with a small spice bottle and a mini rubbermaid lid!

Well, I waited til dark, and with much apprehension, I poked her under Miss Bonnie. I am saying prayers that she will survive her big sisters and GIANT mama tonight.

I’ll be anxious for daylight tomorrow.





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2 responses to “Bonnie’s Brood

  1. I so enjoyed your post and mom story. I don’t know how our “girls” would do with an add in baby. We raise all our chickens from babies and I so enjoy it. I post so many pictures of them and my dogs on my blog, my husband says I am a little obsessed with them. I am enjoying your blog.

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