Caption Contest

This photo of Peeps just cracks me up.

The way she is standing, and the look on her face… it makes me laugh every time I look at it!

I thought she should have a cigar hanging out of her mouth. So I used the paint program on the computer and gave her one.

What do you think?

But I haven’t been able to come up with a caption I like yet. So, I’m asking you all what you think it should be.

Leave me your suggestions in the comments and whoever has their caption chosen will get a dozen eggs (if you’re local) or a handmade (blank) journal/notebook.

Look forward to hearing what you come up with.






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8 responses to “Caption Contest

  1. Amy

    “A pair of ladies. Crack *that* in your pan and fry it, shishter.”

  2. Dan

    You want in?
    It ain’t cheep!

  3. I love the idea of the cigar but I think it should be a cigarette in a holder.

    “Why don’t you come up and play with me sometime?”

  4. Tina

    “You Chicken?”

  5. Anonymous

    “hit me”

  6. Anonymous

    I’m all hen.

  7. Gina Collaco

    A straight flush?! THIS is why the chicken crossed the road! ALL IN, baby!

  8. Althea

    I got the “chips,” Honey! Bring on the “tips.”

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