And the Winner Is…

After reviewing all the entries for the Caption Contest, the family has chosen Amy C. (at SAHM Hill) for the winning caption.

That just cracks me up!

Congratulations Amy. You can choose those tasty free range eggs, or a hand-made journal. Just email me and let me know which one you’d like.

Thank you to all of you who posted your caption ideas. It was fun for us to read through them, but hard to pick the winner. In the end, the “shishter” part is what got most of the boys to pick that one. 🙂

Thanks for playing along!

And by the way, Peep is doing just fine. She is getting bigger every day. She will now sit on my shoulder… and try to nestle in my hair. I can only take the tickle (and the “peeping”) for so long and then she has to get down and go back to her room (box). As crazy as it is, and as much as I don’t need a tiny bird to take up my time… she has brough us a lot of joy and laughter since we brought her home. She’s in the family now, and we love her.






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2 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Wee hoo! How exciting! Decisions, decisions!

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