And The World Keeps Turning

Sometimes, I’d like to push a pause button on life, just so I can catch up with it.

In the recent past I told you that I was going to no longer be held captive to this blog or any other virtual “social” site, and that I was going to be present and living in my “NOW”. Well, that’s where I’ve been. Living my life in my “now”!

Its been a very busy “now”.

As the last post indicated, we had a nice visit from Papa (my dad). He got to stay for two weeks, and then my brother, Rick, flew out here to help him drive his newly purchased car back home to California.

We sure enjoyed having him around!

I got my knives sharpened, new ferns put out on the front porch, hanging flowers for the back deck, my cream brûlée torch filled and ready to go, he went grocery shopping with me and for me (he LOVES this activity), and he took each one of the boys out by themselves for some quality alone time with them.

We took a field trip to the Atlanta Zoo and had a great time. I’m glad the boys still enjoy the zoo. Do you ever outgrow the zoo?

Of course, you KNOW there are a gazillion more photos from our trip to the zoo that I could bore you with, but I’ll move on…

One thing I think Dad really enjoyed was watching and feeding my chickens. 🙂 Yes, that makes me happy. And the timing was perfect to watch Bonnie with those six chicks, because this week she is done “mothering”!! Wow… eight weeks… and then she just turns it off! They are still trying to tag along with her, but she is pretty brutal about letting them know they are not welcome to eat the bugs she finds anymore.

In the middle of Dad’s visit, I had a birthday. I was SO glad he was able to be here for it. Not just to celebrate it with me, but to light a fire under my other half to make it special! They went in together and got me an Ipad!!

So far I like it a lot. Can’t do everything I like to do on it, but then it also has more/different things that I can’t do on the pc. So… I am learning… and enjoying it. Thank you Dad!

Our visit with Rick was short… but sweet. It always is. The boys just adore him, as do most people… young or old, male or female. He’s just a neat guy!

Well, I could be here at this screen all day trying to catch you up on the goings on around here. But there are chickens and boys to feed, dishes to do, laundry to fold and lessons to teach. Oh, and we’ve added one more thing to our days! We joined a health club.

The boys and I have been going everyday for almost three weeks now. We love it. Dave gets there when he can, and the boys like to go a second time with him in the evenings when he goes. So, there’s our P.E.!! The boys want to add weight… and I’m trying to lose it. Sure should be an easier and cheaper way to transfer it. I should be able to “give” it away if I want, shouldn’t I? 😉 Well, we are all feeling good and glad that we joined.

I’ll have to update you on our little chick Peeps soon. She is growing and changing into a tiny little hen!!





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One response to “And The World Keeps Turning

  1. Papa

    It was all MY joy to spend two weeks with you and your sweet
    family. Maybe I’ll move just in!!!

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