Schools Out!

Although we are year round now, we are happy to have a couple of weeks break before we have to dive back into some important subjects for the summer.

Don’t feel too sorry for the boys… they were concerned about taking two weeks off from math and reading! They actually tried to convince me that they still needed to do those every day… so I said they could if they wanted to. 😉

The days are getting longer, and we are enjoying some great weather. Aside from some high heat, and heavy rains now and then… it’s been beautiful. I enjoyed some time outside today just reading a book. It’s nice to unwind and listen to the sounds of nature sometimes.

The boys have been busy making another movie, and although they have hit many difficulties, I am proud of them for working through them all, and keeping a good attitude. They actually just made one this week for our church’s VBS program. It’s great to watch them grow and learn throughout this process.

Well, I sure haven’t been very good about updating you on the little chick Peeps, have I? She is still with us and we just love her. She has such a personality!

Yes, Peeps is still sleeping in her cage in the house, but now she is big enough (well…) to be outside some during the day. She doesn’t hang out with the other chickens, but they are okay enough with her to have her out and about with nobody trying to peck her to death.

It’s funny, I can be out there weeding in the garden or working on the chicken coop, and there are three cats, two labrador retrievers, Peeps and 12 chickens all hanging out in the same yard. It still makes me laugh when I look up and see the dogs sprawled out in the shade, a cat rolling in the dirt nearby, and some happy hens pecking all around them.

I don’t know how big Peeps will get, but she is still WAY behind the other “kids”, as I call the younger chickens. Most of them are almost as big as the other hens now, but Peeps can still fit in my hand.

She often rides out to the yard on my shoulder, and although she doesn’t like being caught to come in to bed in the evening… she will follow me into the house on her own, or jump up in my lap, and happily go to bed.

As the older chicks (or rather… bigger chicks) are growing up, we were having a more difficult time telling them apart. So one day this last month we tagged them. I am very sure that two are roosters, but am also sure that three of them are hens. And one… I’m not positive, but it looks like it’s a rooster.

This is Rosie getting her pink tag.

 And this is Ginger. She is so much lighter than the rest, I didn’t really have to tag her, but just in case she gets as dark as the rest… she got a neon yellow tag.

 She was a good girl.

JJ was a great help in there, tagging the chicks.

A lot going on around here lately. Once again I have gotten too much on my plate. However, I am looking forward to having some time in my art studio sometime this summer. A girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂




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  1. Nagisa

    Glad to see your update! It is OK to be small, Peeps! It makes you totally UNIQUE! Trust me this is coming from someone way too small. 🙂

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