Peep Peep

It’s about time I share an update on that cute little fluff-ball Peeps.


She is doing very well. At thirteen weeks old, she is still a tiny little bird, but defiantly bigger than the cotton-ball size (literally) she was to start with.

She still sleeps in the house at night, but I let her outside when I let the other chickens out of the pen every day. I was very nervous at first, about letting her out around all the bigger chickens, let alone, two big Labradors, and three cats. But she holds her own quite well!

 Everyone seems to know that she is mine and off-limits! Although, I never underestimate the ability of any of the other pets to “get” her. She has her crate available to her at all times out there, and finds that she can run under the hydrangea bushes if things get to busy for her.

Most often, though, we experience her running around in the middle of it all. Cats, dogs, and chickens…all hanging out together in peace.

She is eager and waiting for her spoon of yogurt every morning. And then peeps her happy “good morning” song to me while I start breakfast for the boys. She is so fun!

In the evening… she goes to bed in her crate by the back door, and I just bring it in for the night. Do you see her in this photo below? It may give you more perspective of how small she is. In the yard, to the right, there is one of the grown hens in the distance.

The “kids”, as we call the Rhoad Island Red babies, raised by our big Buff Orpington hen, are so big now. I will be looking to get rid of those lil’roosters here soon though. Don’t want to wait until they start getting mean. And NO, I will give them away…or try to, before I go through the butchering process again. At least I know I can if I have to! 😉


Well, that’s what’s up with Peeps. We like her (even the husband!), and are glad to have her.






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