Mini Airplanes for a Cake

This last weekend, the husband and I were honored to attend a beautiful wedding up in Virginia Beach. The event was in an airplane hangar at a private aviation museum, open to the public. Here is their website:   It was a very interesting and wonderful collection of aviation history, and I do hope to take my boys up there one day.

The bride and groom had asked me several months ago, if I could make some little airplanes to go on their cake. I didn’t know how… but said I’d try. On the second attempt, I got them decent enough to call airplanes.

This P51 Mustang (above) has their wedding date on it.

They’re hand sculped out of clay, hand painted and sealed with sculpy sealant. Some of the wings, noses in front of propellers, and AirTran’s jets, were reenforced by (hand) drilling a hole through the fuselage, and then into the wings, and gluing. I tried to mould as much as I could out of one continuous piece of clay, being as that seems to be much stronger than trying to attach pieces, but in some cases it just couldn’t be done.

To attach the biplanes upper wing, I cut T pins with wire snipers, and then drilled a little way into each of the wings, before gluing, to give it much more stability. You can’t see the cockpit area, but there is a tiny seat in it.

The Mosquito.

This AirTran plane was special to them since they met while both working for that airline.

They seemed very happy with them, and the planes looked nice on the cake. Although I didn’t get any pictures of the cake… since I wasn’t able to take my camera up there. 😦 Was glad that JJ and I got these photos of the planes before I delivered them to her.

We were so happy to be able to be apart of this union, and wish the sweet couple many happy years together!





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2 responses to “Mini Airplanes for a Cake

  1. Dang, girl. I knew they’d be good, but I’m so impressed again. I’d love to watch you work, even though if you’re like me, you’d hate it lol. Great job!

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