JJ the Jolly Giant

I just got through measuring JJ, and am a little shocked at the rate of growth on this kid! He’s a smidgen over 6 foot 4 now (and that’s not counting his puffy hair)! He’s only 14. Fourteen, I tell you.

He made a sad face when I told him how much he’s grown in the past month, and said “I hope I’m done now”.

Thus, we had a little talk…and since I know how it feels to be very tall, and stick out when you’d rather not, I tried to give him encouragement and support. Mostly, I told him to be proud of what God gave him, and never to be ashamed of his hight, that most people would give a lot to be tall (even though most of them don’t have any idea what they are really saying). I know that’s no consolation to a boy who is perfectly fine living in the background of life, but the worst thing he could do is to try and shrink…like I did. Not going to happen, and it just somehow, draws even more unwanted attention to you.

Bless his heart. I do hope that one day he will feel comfortable in his LONG body, and grows into being able to maneuver it more gracefully!

This picture was taken of he and his brothers at out Vacation Bible School last week. Yes, JJ is leaning over, and so you can’t really see his full height. But it’s the most recent picture I have of him, and pictures of them are getting harder and harder to get. Gerrit, on the right, is just a little over six feet. And sixteen. Oh, he shaved for the first time yesterday! He said if he’d known it was that easy, he would have done it sooner! I guess he thought it would hurt for some reason. He had started to look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo!


Silly boys.

I was so proud of them for helping out with VBS that week. They never complained about having to go and hang out with a bunch of little kids, hauled craft stuff to and from the car, passed out snacks, took pictures, and helped clean up and load the car again. And they didn’t even have the lure of seeing their friends that week. Ironically, they were all out-of-town.

Those silly boys (and the older one too) are the light of my life and they not only keep me hopping and staying young (at heart), they crack me up on a daily basis. I just adore them.




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  1. Great pic of those handsome boys! I sure appreciated their help with food at VBS…and their movie was heelarious. Go Newie crew!

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