Weird Bug

The boys have taken turns having this weird cold/flu bug that’s been going around lately. It isn’t the worst thing they’ve ever had… but it’s still not welcome here at all.

It starts with a general not feeling good. Tired, sore throat, cranky, headache, etc. They were all a little different with that first part. Then a low-grade temp for a day or so. They all had that, although, sadly, JJ’s was during the night and he passed out in the bathroom… waking up on the cold floor (which he said felt good – since he was burning up!) And then the cold like symptoms. Congestion, cough… that sorta thing.

Granted, like I said earlier, it hasn’t been the worst illness that they’ve had in years past, but it’s been so long since they were sick that they all took it hard that it “caught” them. It varies in how long it has lasted too. Although, some want to milk the pitiful “I’m sick and I need you to take care of me” more than others! 

It’s okay… I tell them you need to get some of the bugs to create antibodies for your immune system. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! Eh?

Well, I hope I can just get those little antibody buggers through osmosis. I’ve been around this “bug” for a while now, since the boys just can’t get sick at the same time. That would be too convenient!

Hope every one of you is well and happy.





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  1. I couldn’t tell if we had one really weird bug or two back to back, but it was positively one of thw more annoying bugs, and I’ve heard about it all over. Hope everyone feels better soon!

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