Peeps Attends Worship

It was a beautiful morning today. Decent temperature, sunny skies, and good attitudes. Sure wish it could be like this all of the time!

I let Peeps out of her indoor cage and put her on the floor instead of taking her directly outside. She pecked around and waddled through the house – like she owned it. Eventually, she followed JJ and I out onto the back deck.

Ahmi and JJ had a few tender moments, and then when we headed inside to have worship and breakfast. Peeps had already headed down the steps, but turned around and followed us back in! Chasing Ahmi off as well.

She found her perch on the coffee table and enjoyed pecking at toes while I read. Soon she was trying to get some breakfast from us too. Silly bird! The door was open, so she could have gone outside anytime she wanted, but she hung out with us, eating bits of almonds, nectarines, and a few bites of grits off of Guys spoon (after he was all done – of course!).

She was just hanging out with her family.

We had some good laughs and the boys think it’s just the greatest thing to have a tiny chicken hang out with us during worship.

Me too!

I’m so glad God made animals for us to enjoy. I wonder what kind of mental state I’d be in if I’d never have had a pet to love.




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