Life with a Feathery Shadow


This tiny chicken we call Peeps, hardly knows she’s a chicken. With her “flock” made up of six – very tall – humans, three cats, and two Labrador retrievers, she just thinks we’re all FAMILY!


Funny how animals are blind to race/shape/height/color and creed. If only humans could be so blind.


I know I haven’t been posting much lately. Okay, at all. But there is a good reasons excuse. I’m busy! 🙂


It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, or any photos to show you. I just can’t seem to find the time to post them. Life. Such is.


The school year is going good. The boys made up the schedule themselves, and it is working out very well for the most part. We are getting up earlier than ever before and heading out to the health club three days a week. It has been such a blessing. We are all feeling better, and thoroughly enjoy the routine.


We have also been very active in church lately. Gerrit plays the guitar for song service at least once a month, and they all help pick up the offering on Family Sabbath Services. Yesterday all three of the younger ones were in a short skit during church service. It was on Sampson. Funny, cute and meaningful.


I was slammed this past week making the set for said skit. This included eight foot pillars painted to look like marble. These pillars and crossbeam had to be made to come apart – fall on a bunch of kids – and not hurt anyone! Challenging. But it worked perfectly!


I am on the committee again this year to plan the upcoming Truly Christmas event. There have been several meetings so far, and lots more “creating” for me to do between now and November 18. More sculpting of chicken wire in my near future!


We love all our pets, but lately, the funnest one has to be this little chicken! She is a hoot. She makes us laugh everyday. I recently upgraded to an IPhone, so am catching a lot more of her antics on video and pictures. Above, she is on my leg watching me grade papers and do lesson plans for the week. She kept pecking at my pen and papers.

It’s hard to get anything done with her on my lap, so I came up with a perch today. I covered the top of a stool with self-stick plastic wrap, then used a small bar-bell for a roost. It works wonderful.

As I type this, she is on her perch next to me “commenting” on everything I tell you! She preens herself, chatters, pecks at the computer, and then settles down to watch my fingers move!




She truly likes to be in the house and hang out with us. Weird, I know. But she actually runs in and out the door when we open it for the cats. I sometimes wonder if she will go through the cat door when we finally get it put in.

In the mornings, she fusses until someone has pity on her, and lets her out. If I am the one to take her outside, she will do her business, and then run back up to the door to go in with me. She loves to come into the living room and listen to us do our schoolwork.


She follows me everywhere. When I go outside and call her, she comes running from where ever in the yard she is foraging. Then she tags along with me to do whatever it is I’m out there for. She’ll run alongside me, and the dogs, as I go out to the chicken coop to feed the “real” chickens, and then follow me back up to the house. She has followed me to the mailbox and back – however I don’t like her going up near the road, so try to sneak off without her on that trek.

Sometimes, she will run fast and get in front of me and stop. I’m not sure why, but I think maybe that she wants to be picked up. Kind of like a toddler that wants to be picked up by a parent when they get tired. Who knows.

The other day she didn’t come when I called her. So, I looked in all her little hiding places, but didn’t find her. I thought, “Okay, this is it. She’s gone.”  I knew it could happen. I was so sad. I came in and told the boys I thought she had been taken by a hawk or something. JJ and Harrison went out and looked for quite some time. After awhile, they came in and told me they’d found her sleeping under the house with the dogs!


This pet was not expected, not planned, not anticipated and hardly believed. I am almost embarrassed about it. I did feel better when someone said, “How is it any weirder than a parrot in the house?”

Yeah, I don’t know… just seems pretty weird to me! 

But not weird enough to get rid of her. She’s part of the family!

Now… if she just didn’t poop… she’d be the perfect pet!




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