In the Green

I got a lot done yesterday, just not at all what I “needed” to do!

JJ (son number three, 6′ 5″+ and 15 years old now), asked me to help him set up a green screen for his moving making. A good friend of mine let him borrow hers, and he has wanted to use it many times, but just couldn’t figure out how to set it up, and where.

So, we discussed the options, ran to Home Depot and got some PVC pipe and brackets. Fail. The PVC pipe just bowed too much being that long, and it didn’t look good at all.

Back to Home Depot.

This time we spent more time in the curtain rod area, and found one that actually extended out to almost the 12 feet we needed.

We got the brackets installed and green screen hung. He rolled it up on the curtain rod while it’s not in use. He doesn’t want it to be laying on the floor for the cats to curl up on, but is concerned that it will get all wrinkled rolled up. It’s one or the other… and it is much safer rolled up for now.

(photo to come)

He was a happy camper film maker!

He and his brothers will have a great time with this little device, I am sure of it!





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