Yard Week

Yard week started with Rick and I pulling up some juniper in the front yard on Monday. We prepared the area for grass, and also transplanted a large rosebush to a more ideal location, as well as planted more roses in the front flower bed.

We still had Tate and Tucker with us, and all the boys were filming another movie. (Sadly, the one they filmed in the freezing cold on Saturday night had the ca-bosh put on it by Daddy. Long sad story.)

Well, while they were busy filming, we kept working on the front of the house, stopping or moving out-of-the-way when the kids needed to do a scene in that area. When the boys were done filming, and we were done working, we all went out to eat and get some shakes. Tate and Tucker’s parents came to get them later on that evening.

movie 007

movie 012

movie 002

movie 004




After getting a taste of progress, I was anxious to do more! So, on Tuesday, we all got out there and spent the day putting steps from the driveway to the deck. A good hard day of work, and we are very happy with the outcome! It will look a million times better after we get the grass, and ground cover growing.



Wednesday, we took a break and drove to High Falls State Park, had a picnic and took a great hike along the river. It was a beautiful spot.

HighFalls 003

HighFalls 058

HighFalls 139

HighFalls 107

HighFalls 089

HighFalls 048

HighFalls 149

HighFalls 037

HighFalls 043

HighFalls 045

HighFalls 018

Heading back towards home, we stopped at a small plant nursery in Griffin and purchased a cute little water feature for the front flower bed. 

It was about 6:30 pm when we arrived at Tate and Tuckers house for a bonfire and cookout down by the barn. What a great ending to the day!

Thursday, we were back out in the yard again, only this time we had the bonus of a small tractor Dave had rented for us! Rick took off and ran it most of the day. He worked on the drainage field in the side yard and out into the woods, in hopes that we can better keep water away from the septic tank area.

He then moved on over to the big dirt pile we’ve had for a couple of years! He moved it around the back side of the “pond” and then graded the whole area. He also worked on pushing back and crushing the leftover debris pile from when we had all those trees taken down.



Meanwhile, the boys and I put up construction fences around the newly planted grass areas, dug and leveled the area for the water feature, dumped, dug, raked, smoothed, lifted and carried until almost dark! What an exhausting, but exhilarating day!!

Rick was very happy to have time on a tractor again!

Just after dark, he got the tractor up to the road for pick up, and the rain started. It hasn’t stopped. All day Friday, all night, and most of today.

Since we couldn’t do any more work on Friday (or move!), Rick, Dave and I left early for breakfast out and then hit the Home Depot and some local nurseries. We purchased some smaller stones for the water feature, and picked out what we will need for the pond in the near future. We also priced out stones for the retaining wall in the back.


That is a 250 lb rock I just had to have for the top of my waterfall in the pond. It will sit here until we get to that part. I just love this rock. Thank you honey!

When we got back home, Rick helped me get the water feature fixed up and running. Still need to finish around the edges and plant my little ground cover there, of course, but have to wait for it to dry out a bit. At least it’s up and running!


I am jazzed up, inspired, encouraged, sore and ready to keep going!

However, I think it’s a blessing that we are getting all this rain. Not only do we need it, it’s forcing me to slow down and re-cooperate before I hit the dirt again!

We will have materials delivered this coming Tuesday to do the retaining wall out by the fire pit. Heeeeheee! 😀

This is a picture of all the boys the night before Rick left.


And here is the finished mailbox. JJ is very proud of this project!


And I promise to share the boys movies when they are done. Some of you are asking, and all I can say is that we have a perfectionist editing them! One should be done by the end of this week… I’m pretty sure.


Well, there you have the last week of Rick Time! We had a blast and enjoyed having him with us so much.

Much love to all,


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