Friendly Fire

As I mentioned in the previous post, the boys made a new movie this last weekend. Here is the link to,

Friendly Fire.

Yes… I know they are shooting each other up. Yes… I know… I know.

But here is how I look at it:

They are BOYS! Boys being creative, learning script writing, working well together, problem solving, directing, taking directions, learning loads of information about the filming, editing and producing of movies, and, they are outside having a great time!

They never even fired one Air-Soft pellet in the making of this film. LOL! All of that was done in the editing.

I am amazed at the ability of JJ to turn what I saw them doing in the yard, into a film like that. I call it talent.

I am proud of all five (my three youngest and their two best friends) of them. Proud of their hard work, humor, creativity and dedication. And who knows where this will lead.

Hope you watch it and hit the like button, or even better, make an encouraging comment!





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2 responses to “Friendly Fire

  1. Anonymous

    I am VERY impessed with the film. You have some talented boys there. Great directing, acting, editing and carmera works. I know it takes many hours to make a 4+ minutes film. Well done guys!!!
    Just one thing, can you somehow get Peeps in the film? 🙂

  2. Wanda Johnson

    Wow! Those boys are very talented and creative!!!


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