Peeps Update


In an earlier post I wrote about how my little Peeps was attacked by a hawk one afternoon. You can read more of that here, but for those of you that are asking about her, here is an update on her recovery.

She is actually recovering physically very well. Her new feathers have started coming back, in two areas were she was almost bald, and one little spot on the top of her head (which we assume was where the hawk had her by its beak). Her right wing still hangs low and was likely broken. She can’t fly yet, but can extend it better now.

The only lingering problem is that she has changed so much mentally. She used to follow me around, come when I called her, and like to be held and have her head rubbed.

Now, after not even wanting to come out of her cage for a few weeks, she likes to get out and about in the house, but not outside. Although, I can’t say that I blame her!

She is jumpy, won’t come when I call her, and is even mean sometimes. She pecks at our feet and hands a lot. This makes me sad, but I am in hopes that she will get over this and become a little more like she used to be. It will just take time and patience.


She does love to hang out in the sunshine under the table.



And she can still make us laugh!


Even with her broken wing, she can hop up on stuff and bother the cats.

The picture below is from before the attack. And reminded me that she hasn’t laid an egg since a day or two after the attack. (It’s been almost three weeks now.) I’m sure the one she laid was already formed. Am so curious to know if she will lay again, and if they will be damaged or deformed.


We also miss seeing her outside with the dogs. She used to spend her mornings hanging out with them before the other chickens were let out, after lunch.

Here she is eating breakfast with them. (before attack) See her on the bench by the red lantern?


Of course we wish the hawk attack had never happened, but we are glad she’s still with us. We are looking into finding a way for her to have a little grass, dirt and sunshine without the terror by being outside causes.

Will let you know how that goes, but it will have to wait awhile. At least until after we finish working on the yard.

So much happening in the upcoming month! Can’t wait to share some of it with you!



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