The Wall

I will attempt to type this, but I am so sore I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish!

We got two pallets of cement bags delivered bright and early this morning. I got the boys up, had worship & breakfast, then we grabbed our gloves, shovels and water!

Gratefully, the boys all had good attitudes about more physical labor. And JJ was so funny at times that I couldn’t work because I was laughing so hard!


They helped me work up until near lunch time, when Guy came in and made some awesome homemade macaroni & cheese. 


After lunch I went back out by myself but didn’t plan to do much more. However, I was already a dirty, muddy mess, so decided to put a cement landing at the bottom of the stairs, and then ended up doing another (smaller) wall up near the house. I also dug a rectangle “mold” in some dirt and poured it with cement, in the hopes of digging it up later and making a bench for the fire pit area. May do several of those if it works.


All-in-all, we moved 73 bags of cement today. I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but it will be so cool soon. I saw this idea on Pinterest, and it reminded me that my brother Rick and I had seen this done one time when we were out on an adventure in Florida. I just wish he was still here today to guide me along. I bet he is GLAD he wasn’t!


I am looking forward to being able to tear off the paper, add some plants & moss around them, and enjoy a beautiful retaining wall. So is Ahmi, although she likes it just fine like it is!

On a roll!


But I think it’s going to be a Cheerios kind of dinner tonight! I’m on the couch and I don’t think I’m getting up…even if I wanted to.

Just say’en.



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