Wolf and Lance Movie Trailer

I am very happy to present you with a trailer for the boys new movie that will be released As they can’t always get together with Tate & Tucker when they want, bad weather, and illness, all play a role in making it happen, it has taken a full year. 

Wolf and Lance

They started this project last March when our friends from Japan were here visiting. They filmed Kaoru (their brother from another mother), in his scenes before he had to go back to Japan. Now, a year later, Kaoru and his parents are going to be visiting us again.

We are so excited to see them!

We’ll have a little Premier Party while they are here, and have all the boys that were in the film (their parents), and a couple close friends come to watch it with us. I’m going to have “movie type snacks”, and try to make it a very memorable experience for these guys.

The movie is 20 or 25 minutes long, and I am chomping at the bit to see it! They still won’t let me. They say I have to wait til the Premier like everyone else. Hmmmm. But I’m the MOM!! Seems like I should get to have a peek.

They probably know me too well, and know that I won’t be able to wait until they release it to show my friends! What can I say… I’m proud of them. 🙂

So… this is just the trailer.

But rest assured, I will post the link to the actual movie when it comes out.




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One response to “Wolf and Lance Movie Trailer

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, it has been a while since I visited your blog the last time, and we had no idea you hat the trailer on.. so Kaoru is the fellow agent Jones!?
    It si very sweet of Dave to be in it, and he sounds mighty authoritative, great acting or is he just being himself??
    We are gearing up to get to Newnan. See you in a while.. Hugs to ‘all!!

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