Movie Premiere Party


Last Saturday night we had all the boys that were in or helped with the movie and had a private showing. I had the dinning room/class room decorated and set up with theater snacks.


We put glow sticks down the stairs, leading to the den where twenty-one of us crowded around the t.v. to watch this 23 minute movie!


We loved it! But of course we would have been thrilled and proud of the boys no matter what. It took a lot of determination for these guys to stick with this project for a full year.


We had shirts, with their logo printed on them, for each of the boys too.

One of the coolest things is that we had our friends from Japan that had arrived just the night before. Kaoru was “Agent Jong” in the movie, so it was extra special that they were here for it! The boys filmed all the “Agent Jong” parts last March when Kaoru was here on their last visit.


It was a great night.

Here is a link to the trailer…Wolf and Lance…again.

The movie will be available for public viewing on April 7.

~a proud mama



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