Get Better Quick

Just wanted to wish my Dad a speedy recovery. He has been in the hospital with pneumonia for almost two weeks now.

His spirits are good and he is in good hands, but it is very hard to be this far away at a time like this.

Know that we are all praying for you Papa, and wish we could be there to administer hugs!

Thank you to Carol, my step mom, for keeping me so well-informed. I appreciate it very much. Love you!

And to my friend Gina. You are a blessing. Thank you for being my liaison,

and for taking this picture so I could SEE for myself that he wasn’t as bad as he sounded!


We love you Papa!


hi-d, and the boys



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4 responses to “Get Better Quick

  1. Anonymous

    Tell your Dad that I’m thinking of him and to feel better soon. Love to him, Almeda

  2. Anonymous

    What hospital is he in. Maybe I can go see him.

  3. Ben-Jamin'

    Love your blog Hi-D and praying for you and your awesome family! 🙂

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