Peeps Update II

If you don’t know what happened to Peeps, you can find out here. But for the rest of you that are wondering how she is doing, read on.


She is pretty-much back to her previous self!!

It took seven weeks for her to lay her next egg, and now she is back to her original schedule of (about) every other day.

See her resting on the back of the couch?

See her resting on the back of the couch?

She is back to scolding at me for treats, cackling VERY loudly telling us that she has laid an egg, hanging out with the dogs, pestering the cats, foraging for bugs with the rest of the flock, and generally running amuck around here!


On a nice day we sometimes leave the back door open, and the other day she kept coming in and then would follow me around the kitchen scolding me for a berry! She knows they are in the fridge, so she was hanging out in front of it… but my kitchen is quite small and the fridge is right in the middle… so she was very much in the way of my cooking. I would put her out… and she’d be back inside before I knew it!

Jetta sharing some of her cottage cheese with Peeps.

Jetta sharing some of her cottage cheese with Peeps.

I hate to reward her when she yells/squawks like that, so I wait for a quiet moment before opening the fridge and getting her a berry and hoping she will go back out and play!

One day she was getting into everything. She got on top of my clean laundry, flying up on the bookshelf, got up on our bed, etc. Each time any of us found her somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be, we’d put her outside. But since a couple of doors were open, on that nice day, she kept finding her way back in. Well, I had my mind on what I was doing and didn’t quite put two and two together until quite a while later I heard her LOUDI laid and egg” laugh. (it is quite hilarious by the way!) I ran inside and found her in a basket of towels… gloating over her shiny little egg! I should have figured out that is what she was trying to do, and put her in her cage, but I just wasn’t paying attention. Silly bird. Always looking for a new place to lay.

**What I don’t get is, if they want to lay in a new and secret place (to “collect” the eggs I assume) why do they make such a racket about laying it afterwards and bring all nearby attention to themselves, their eggs and this awesome new hiding spot?**

Peeps teasing Ahmi from above!

Peeps teasing Ahmi from above!

Yes, I am still leery of the hawk coming back. Yes, I know it could happen again, and we might not be so lucky next time. However, she hates being caged up outside. I don’t blame her. So… we decided that we would let her live the happy life of a free range chicken, however long that will be, rather than a longer life of a caged one.

We are all watching out for her the best we can.

Jetta watching over the girls.

Jetta watching over the girls.

And she is still a lot more aware of her surroundings than she was before the attack.

Yaaaay for Peeps!

She is a fighter.

She’s crazy. And we like crazy!







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2 responses to “Peeps Update II

  1. Wanda Johnson

    Yea for Peeps! You should write a book. Kids would love it! By the way we have bought some chicks (my sons idea) and are in the process of getting coops ready. Chicks are really growing. Not my idea but oh well!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Yaaaay for you getting chicks Wanda! As long as you have a good coop for their safety, they are a fun and productive pet! Good luck to you.

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