Spring of Death

Tang Tang

A week and a day after my Dad’s funeral we had to put our sweet’ole cat Tang down.


He had just recently lost a lot of weight, and on the day I got out to California to be with my Dad, Dave and JJ took Tang to the vet. They found out he had feline AIDS and a tumor in his colon.

Since he was a rescue, we don’t really know how old he is. But the vet guessed he was between 5 and 7 when we brought him home – and we’ve had him about 6 years.


The boys wanted to wait until I got home so we could all be together to have him put to sleep. It was almost two weeks before we were all home together again.

It was time. He was emaciated.


We had a vet service come out to the house so we could all be together, and Tang could be in the comfort of his own home. That was a great decision. SO much nicer than having him in the vets office.

 Tang was JJ’s cat, so he held him.


It was sad, beautiful, peaceful, and gut wrenching all at the same time.

We are glad the poor old guy isn’t hurting or hungry anymore. Bless his heart. But since our hearts were still so raw from the loss of my Dad, it was a difficult day.

He is now buried out back next to Axel (who we had for 17 years).


When the time is right, JJ will get to have a new cat. But for now, we are just remembering the good times and what a lover he was.


RIP Tang.

You were a good ole’Buddy, and your loud purring will be missed.


This has been a rotten Spring.





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2 responses to “Spring of Death

  1. Michael

    Please tell JJ I am so sorry for his loss… and yours.

  2. Oh, Heidi. I’m so sorry for all the pain. Wish I could make it all go away for you and your boys. I love you.

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