Road Trip

After four days with my brothers in California, getting some important legal stuff done, I hit the road with a great friend to drive my Dad’s old Cadillac back to Georgia. (No, not in the Mustang. Sadly, I had to return it to the rental company. 😦 BooHoo.) My brothers agreed that my three youngest boys could use Papa’s car until they save up enough money to get their own vehicles. Figuring that this big’ole Cadillac is a lot safer than a small compact car for these boys in their early years of driving. (Especially Gerrit. If you haven’t read his story yet, you can find it here.)

It’s a comfortable car, but not something the youngsters are going to want to show off to their friends with! Like I said, they can use it until they can purchase their own cars… and driving this big’ole car may be an incentive for them to get jobs and save up. Eh? 😉

Maurene and I took Interstate 40 across the country, stopping when we felt like it, but wishing we would have spent more time planning what we could have seen along the way. We’d see a sign for some monument or historical site, and before we could decide if we felt like going to it… we’d pass the exit, then just shrug! LOL!



New Mexico Sunset

New Mexico Sunset

Windy New Mexico

Windy New Mexico



So, we decided that we will do this trip again next year, plan it better, and rent a Mustang! (We’ll just have to budget in for tickets.)

New Mexico Sunset

New Mexico Sunset


Best lunch ever!

Best lunch ever!

Maurene is one of those friends that is easy to be with. We chatted, listened to music, listened to an Audible book, got into deep discussions, or just looked on in silence. Anything we do together is always comfortable and easy-going. I like that. It’s what I needed at this sad time in my life. She was a salve on my broken heart.


Some of the devastation we saw from the road in Oklahoma.

Some of the devastation we saw from the road in Oklahoma.

We got home in four days. However, we did contemplate shooting past our exit and driving a few more hours to the coast!



It was good to get home and see my family and all the pets. There was lots to do, but I was able to enjoy having Maurene out here with us for a little over a week after that.

Wish we lived closer to each other…

My problem after living here for so long is, no matter which end of the continent I live on, I will be missing good friends. But that’s a good problem to have!

Thank you Maurene, for a great road trip.






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4 responses to “Road Trip

  1. Karen Peckham

    Love the pics, especially the windblown hair ones.
    But, where’s the big old Cadillac? I’d love to see it.

  2. Anonymous

    It is almost a year ago sense our trip…. I am here to honor Heidi, her art and mostly her father! Love ya!

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