Chicken Talk


One of the three chickens that were given to me last year was a little bantam. She’s smaller than the other hens, but not even close to as small as Peeps. She has been the sweetest little thing. Her name is Lucy, and she was the best guard hen! She would always be the one to alert every one of a predator in the area. Every time she sent out her alarm sound… we would run outside to find a fox, coyote, stray dog, snake or hawk in the yard. She was right every time.

She was also a very friendly little girl. So the boys liked her a lot.

Well, ever since I got back from my Dad’s funeral, she refused to go into the coop at night to sleep. She prefered to sleep in the branches of a nearby tree instead. That way she didn’t have to spend half the day in the coop waiting for me to come let them out. She liked her freedom early in the mornings. I would catch her when I could and put her in, but couldn’t get her every night.

Well, one night last week was just such an occasion, and the next morning I found her feathers out in the yard, and a trail of them off into the woods. 😦

We will miss her. But in the light of all that I’ve lost lately… I was not devastated. Just sad. Very sad. But I am sad a lot lately.

Lucy & chicks

Lucy & chicks

This photo was taken just the day before she became somethings breakfast. She was checking out the three new chicks that came in the mail while I was out in California the first time (back in April). I am thankful for a couple of friends for taking care of them. One friend that came to my house to receive them in the mail, and another friend who got them from her and took care of them at her house until I got home. Thanks Amy and Twila! They are doing great.

The new girls…

Buffy, Dee Dee, and Missy. (Even though I paid good money for pullets – girl chicks – I am fearful that Buffy might be a rooster. 😦 Will keep you posted on that.)



Remembering… last years chicks… and my Daddy…

Papa, Mama Bonnie & the chicks

Papa, Mama Bonnie & the chicks





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2 responses to “Chicken Talk

  1. Sorry about your Lucy! Sounds like she was a pretty cool hen.

  2. Nagisa, Yuji, and Kaoru

    So sorry that you had another loss. Love the picture of your Dad with chickens! Glad to see the new ones growing up. How is mama Jetta?

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