Alvin the Chipmunk – Kidnapped

After a very busy day, I took a seat next to JJ to rest a few minutes before starting dinner. I’ve been trying to get over bronchitis and a sinus infection, so I wear out quickly. I had made myself a cup of tea, and was just getting my emails up to read, when JJ and I both startled at Nimbus running pell-mell through the living room crashing into things. Along with the noise from Nim knocking into furniture, we hear a very loud squeaking!

We both yelled out “Nimbus!” and at that… he dropped his “toy”… and off it went!

Thirty minutes later, and with a disheveled house, we got’em.


Poor little dude. He seemed fine, besides being scared out of his wits!

I took him to a tree and opened my hands. He took off in a flash. Free!

Nimbus on the other hand, was quite upset that I took away his first catch (besides bugs and his own tail). He looked around the house for that chipmunk for almost an hour.

Never a dull moment around here.





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One response to “Alvin the Chipmunk – Kidnapped

  1. Michael

    This is great… some times your the cat… sometimes the chipmunk 🙂

    Hello!!! Heidi!!!

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