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Alvin the Chipmunk – Kidnapped

After a very busy day, I took a seat next to JJ to rest a few minutes before starting dinner. I’ve been trying to get over bronchitis and a sinus infection, so I wear out quickly. I had made myself a cup of tea, and was just getting my emails up to read, when JJ and I both startled at Nimbus running pell-mell through the living room crashing into things. Along with the noise from Nim knocking into furniture, we hear a very loud squeaking!

We both yelled out “Nimbus!” and at that… he dropped his “toy”… and off it went!

Thirty minutes later, and with a disheveled house, we got’em.


Poor little dude. He seemed fine, besides being scared out of his wits!

I took him to a tree and opened my hands. He took off in a flash. Free!

Nimbus on the other hand, was quite upset that I took away his first catch (besides bugs and his own tail). He looked around the house for that chipmunk for almost an hour.

Never a dull moment around here.





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Princess Jasmine

About a week or so after we got our Prince Nimbus, I agreed to receive another kitten from a friends litter. (I’m sure you are questioning my sanity about now.)



Sight unseen… again… I agreed to take in this little fur ball to maybe help Nimbus out in his struggle to gain weight and thrive.



Am I ever glad I did!


Jasmine (Jazz) is such a beautiful and sweet little girl. She has been such a blessing.

The first few days she was here, she hid, and hissed a lot! She hated Nimbus and I was so worried that they would never be friends. But after a while, Jasmine adjusted to her surroundings, and began to accept that Nimbus was her new brother.

Now, they are buddies, as you can see.





They keep us laughing, loving and cuddling! I’ve never had a cat that enjoyed being held as much as Jasmine. She jumps in my lap for a nap almost every time I sit down. What a trusting, relaxed, little lover!


And to think that I was never really a cat person!








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Prince Nimbus

In need of a distraction, I have been on the lookout for a kitten for JJ, since he lost his ol’buddy Tang last month. JJ wasn’t too sure about any of the prospects I had found for him until… he heard this little guys story.


Okay, a couple of weekends ago, I had to run into Pets Mart to grab something real quick. But you know how they have the cat and dog adoptions going on there on the weekends? Yea, I try to avoid them because we all know I’m such a sucker for cuteness! Well, I had my mind on other things that day, and forgot all about the fact that it was an adoption day. Suddenly, there was a whole cage of little kittens in front of me, so… I paused to check them out. I didn’t see any white ones (JJ has been very specific that he wanted a white, male kitten.) and so I started to head on by when a lady asked if she could help me. I told her no… that we were looking for a white one, and they didn’t have any. She lit up like a Christmas tree and said that they had one, but he was just not ready to bring out yet.


Apparently, someone brought him in the week before, after witnessing him being thrown from a car window as it was speeding down a busy road.

He was checked out and had no broken bones, but was in very poor shape.

We were able to adopt him a week later, although technically he was not ready to be adopted. Seems he was not doing well in the foster home he was in (Due to one lady trying to take care of too many kittens at once. With several others, plus five to bottle feed, she was overwhelmed and he kind’of got left on the back burner – so to speak.) and they asked if we would be willing to deal with some of his health issues and the poor condition that he was in. Heck yes!


He came to us covered with fleas, had many sores from said fleas, was skinny as a rail, and stank to the high heavens. They said he was about 8-9 weeks old by looking at his teeth development, but looks a whole lot younger due to neglect.

He is still struggling with worms, and we haven’t been able to put any weight on him yet. (He only weighs 1 lb, 6 oz.) We are going back to the vet tomorrow to see what else they can do for him.

But even with all the mistreatment, starvation, sores, sickness and neglect he has endured in his very short life… this little guy is a SWEETHEART!

We just LOVE him.


Everyone in the whole family is enamored with him. We just can’t stop looking at him. The other day JJ said, “Nim’s cuteness is liable to kill me. I just don’t know how I’m going to survive it!” 🙂 In this photo below, JJ was holding him in the car, on the way to the vets office yesterday. He just laid in his lap and played. He totally trusted that we were going to take care of him and NOT throw him out the window or leave him.

He knows that he has found his forever home!


Although it seems as though I would already have enough to do around here, I am happy to have this little bundle to help take care of and love. He is a cuddle bug, and looks into your eyes like he can read what you are thinking!


I’m so happy that JJ was able to find such a wonderful little guy to help fill the void of missing Tang. (And Papa)

So, with all the sadness that’s hanging on around here… it has been softened a bit by a tiny, fluffy, white cloud of pure preciousness! Papa would have sure loved him.


And to the people who threw him out the window… karma. That’s all I have to say about that.DSC_0005hi-d


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Spring of Death

Tang Tang

A week and a day after my Dad’s funeral we had to put our sweet’ole cat Tang down.


He had just recently lost a lot of weight, and on the day I got out to California to be with my Dad, Dave and JJ took Tang to the vet. They found out he had feline AIDS and a tumor in his colon.

Since he was a rescue, we don’t really know how old he is. But the vet guessed he was between 5 and 7 when we brought him home – and we’ve had him about 6 years.


The boys wanted to wait until I got home so we could all be together to have him put to sleep. It was almost two weeks before we were all home together again.

It was time. He was emaciated.


We had a vet service come out to the house so we could all be together, and Tang could be in the comfort of his own home. That was a great decision. SO much nicer than having him in the vets office.

 Tang was JJ’s cat, so he held him.


It was sad, beautiful, peaceful, and gut wrenching all at the same time.

We are glad the poor old guy isn’t hurting or hungry anymore. Bless his heart. But since our hearts were still so raw from the loss of my Dad, it was a difficult day.

He is now buried out back next to Axel (who we had for 17 years).


When the time is right, JJ will get to have a new cat. But for now, we are just remembering the good times and what a lover he was.


RIP Tang.

You were a good ole’Buddy, and your loud purring will be missed.


This has been a rotten Spring.




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What a Deer

Seems as though I blog in spurts!

Don’t know why. I just get busy and can’t seem to fit it in. Then when I do get a post done, I think, “well, that wasn’t so hard. Do another one!”  Crazy.

Here is a mama deer and her two babies. They have walked grazed through our backyard several times this summer.

One baby is heading off into the woods here, and the other one is behind mama (out of camera).

Here is baby #2. You can still see the behind of baby #1 in the woods.

Mama looks so skinny, and the mama in me, wants to feed her. But I don’t. Just let them have what they want in the yard. Usually, they are eating off all the figs. But she didn’t even go near the tree this time.

The boys and I just love watching the deer.

So blessed to live where they come and go in our own yard.



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Peeps Attends Worship

It was a beautiful morning today. Decent temperature, sunny skies, and good attitudes. Sure wish it could be like this all of the time!

I let Peeps out of her indoor cage and put her on the floor instead of taking her directly outside. She pecked around and waddled through the house – like she owned it. Eventually, she followed JJ and I out onto the back deck.

Ahmi and JJ had a few tender moments, and then when we headed inside to have worship and breakfast. Peeps had already headed down the steps, but turned around and followed us back in! Chasing Ahmi off as well.

She found her perch on the coffee table and enjoyed pecking at toes while I read. Soon she was trying to get some breakfast from us too. Silly bird! The door was open, so she could have gone outside anytime she wanted, but she hung out with us, eating bits of almonds, nectarines, and a few bites of grits off of Guys spoon (after he was all done – of course!).

She was just hanging out with her family.

We had some good laughs and the boys think it’s just the greatest thing to have a tiny chicken hang out with us during worship.

Me too!

I’m so glad God made animals for us to enjoy. I wonder what kind of mental state I’d be in if I’d never have had a pet to love.



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Peep Peep

It’s about time I share an update on that cute little fluff-ball Peeps.


She is doing very well. At thirteen weeks old, she is still a tiny little bird, but defiantly bigger than the cotton-ball size (literally) she was to start with.

She still sleeps in the house at night, but I let her outside when I let the other chickens out of the pen every day. I was very nervous at first, about letting her out around all the bigger chickens, let alone, two big Labradors, and three cats. But she holds her own quite well!

 Everyone seems to know that she is mine and off-limits! Although, I never underestimate the ability of any of the other pets to “get” her. She has her crate available to her at all times out there, and finds that she can run under the hydrangea bushes if things get to busy for her.

Most often, though, we experience her running around in the middle of it all. Cats, dogs, and chickens…all hanging out together in peace.

She is eager and waiting for her spoon of yogurt every morning. And then peeps her happy “good morning” song to me while I start breakfast for the boys. She is so fun!

In the evening… she goes to bed in her crate by the back door, and I just bring it in for the night. Do you see her in this photo below? It may give you more perspective of how small she is. In the yard, to the right, there is one of the grown hens in the distance.

The “kids”, as we call the Rhoad Island Red babies, raised by our big Buff Orpington hen, are so big now. I will be looking to get rid of those lil’roosters here soon though. Don’t want to wait until they start getting mean. And NO, I will give them away…or try to, before I go through the butchering process again. At least I know I can if I have to! 😉


Well, that’s what’s up with Peeps. We like her (even the husband!), and are glad to have her.





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