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The School Year is Under Way

Today was the first day of the 2014 – 2015 school year for us.

It was met with excited children, a “together” teacher and lots of bubbles, balloons and rainbow streamers. Just kidding. 

But I have to say it did go quite well.

The boys got themselves up quite early, and were working on their assignments before I came in from having my own worship time in my art studio. I was so happy that I wanted to smother them with kisses and hugs, but I played it cool and just said “good morning!” Didn’t want to jinx it, ya know? After all, they ARE teenage boys!

Surprisingly, I was even able to get their school pictures taken after school! And they cooperated! Of course, I had to take them outside one at a time…or they would goof around and I wouldn’t get ANY decent shots. LOL!

So, I am feeling very blessed, and hope that the majority of the school year goes as well as this first day has.



(Even though he graduated last year, he is taking some classes on his own, and also teaching one for me this year.)

Guy B39



Jage B82


(8th grader)

Harris 010


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Preparing for Another Year of…Life

Yes, as much as I know we have to call it school, there is this big chunk of me that just wants to call what we do  “life”.  After-all, they will need to know math to get along in life. They will need reading and writing and lots of other stuff. But am I teaching it to them so they can pass a test? Or is my goal to teach them these skills so they can be successful in life?

If it’s the latter, then I would want to make sure they really “get it” in a solid way. Not just memorizing for a test and then forgetting it. I want them to get it, use it, remember it and grow from it. And if it takes a little longer to “get it”, (whatever “IT” might be), then that’s okay by me.

When anyone asks how the boys do in school, or what kind of grades they get, I tell them they are all straight A students. We don’t move on until they “get it”. I don’t give a small-rats-behind what grade they are “supposed” to be in, or what they were “supposed” to do in a given grade. I just want to make sure that they are moving on and building on a solid foundation.

It has been said by many a wise person that you don’t stop learning until your dead. I then, think that it would behoove us as parents, to teach our children how to learn rather than force feed into them what other people think they should learn.

Times are changing. Things are not the way they were for us as teenagers. Who knows what the future will bring. It is our job to make sure that our children are as well prepared, for the most uncertain of futures, as possible.

The Lord has led me (sometimes dragged me) for the last seven years in my homeschooling endeavors. He has held my hand and guided me along this path every day. I can’t say (unfortunately) that I have always been at peace with the path we are on. But that is because I often let go of His hand and rely on my own understanding. I invariably slip and fall, because I’ve become overwhelmed and think I am messing everything up, and I land in a heap of tears. I’m so lucky that my Lord Jesus never tires of picking me up and wiping off my dirty, tear-stained face. Then, once again holding my hand, He leads me down the path He has chosen for us. I am still learning to trust. I am striving to have peace. I know He is right…but I am so weak.

Sometimes I think that I will never “get it”. This “it” that I strive so hard to teach my boys… eludes me.

However, even if I never truly understand this life, God has assured me that if I just focus on my Savior, and teach my boys about Him, that He will help me and guide me through the rest of it.

That is all I can do. Let go. And let Him.

Because I can’t prepare enough. I can’t teach enough. I can’t read enough. I can’t study enough. I can’t even BE enough to make it through this life, let alone prepare my boys for it.

So, in my weakness He is strong.


In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

Romans 8:26


Trust in Him at all times. O people;

pour out your hearts to Him for God is our refuge.

Psalm 62:8


Preparing for another year of homeschooling life, for me, will be about encouraging grateful hearts, developing a peaceful atmosphere, and directing these young warriors toward Christ.

Even though everyday is a new opportunity to learn… our official school year starts on Monday.

I’m buckling up. Another wild ride awaits me.

Prayers are accepted.




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Peeps Attends Worship

It was a beautiful morning today. Decent temperature, sunny skies, and good attitudes. Sure wish it could be like this all of the time!

I let Peeps out of her indoor cage and put her on the floor instead of taking her directly outside. She pecked around and waddled through the house – like she owned it. Eventually, she followed JJ and I out onto the back deck.

Ahmi and JJ had a few tender moments, and then when we headed inside to have worship and breakfast. Peeps had already headed down the steps, but turned around and followed us back in! Chasing Ahmi off as well.

She found her perch on the coffee table and enjoyed pecking at toes while I read. Soon she was trying to get some breakfast from us too. Silly bird! The door was open, so she could have gone outside anytime she wanted, but she hung out with us, eating bits of almonds, nectarines, and a few bites of grits off of Guys spoon (after he was all done – of course!).

She was just hanging out with her family.

We had some good laughs and the boys think it’s just the greatest thing to have a tiny chicken hang out with us during worship.

Me too!

I’m so glad God made animals for us to enjoy. I wonder what kind of mental state I’d be in if I’d never have had a pet to love.



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The Moon

Picture I took of the moon last night.

(Nikon D40, 300mm lens)

It prompted a great discussion this morning in school.



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Belated Valentines Post

It’s been so busy around here lately that I just haven’t kept up with my posts like I wish I would. But here are some pictures of the Valentines cards the boys made. They each made one and sent it to a special someone! Fortunately one of them came to me!! 🙂

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and decided to try it with “scrap” scrapbooking paper that I have been using to make journals. (that I still haven’t posted about, even though I told you I would weeks ago! 😦 )

I think they came out real cute. On the inside they wrote, “Owl always be your friend.” or “Owl always love you.”

Hope you all had a nice Valentines Day.

I am noticing that I desperately need to change my header! Will get on that.



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What’s in Your Blood?

My boys are not very fond of anything gross. Well, let me rephrase that. They are not fond of anything that has to do with the inner workings of the body, or of any living things body for that matter. (Remembering this day.) They would just as soon not be informed that they have organs, blood and guts inside them!

I, for one, LOVE that stuff!

However, to taper my love for guts and all that is gross, and appease my boys… I found the perfect science project that would teach us what our blood is actually composed of, in a fun and pleasant way. Sweet actually. You could say, it’s in a sweet way. 🙂

What you will need for this project:

a nice (smallish) clear jar

corn syrup (perfect way to use up some that was out of date!)

red hots

mini marshmallows (if I were doing it again, I’d use small white jelly beans)

blue sprinkles

55% of your blood is made up of Plasma. Plasma is a thick liquid that transport waste and food. (fill the jar 55% full with corn syrup)

44% of your blood is made up of Red Blood Cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen and carbon dioxide through our bodies. (add red-hot candies until jar is nearly full)

White Blood Cells are a lot bigger than red blood cells, but there are far fewer of them. These cells clean up after the dead red blood cells and fight germs. (add just a few of your marshmallows or jelly beans)

Last but not least… you have a few of these tiny cells called Platelets. They are what causes your blood to clot and “scab over” when you get cut. They are the clotting cells. (add a pinch of the tiny blue sprinkles)

There you have it. A jar of blood magnified like a billion times. (I made that up… I don’t know exactly how many times a red blood cell would have to be magnified to look like a red-hot candy!)

It was fun to do, and the boys didn’t get grossed out! Although, when I went on and on about the platelets and how they clot and make scabs, they started to groan! 😉

Go here  to get the original post from Science Matters. Because it does. And they say it all so much better than I did.

 Hope you get to try this and enjoy it as much as I did.




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The Flying Biscuit Cafe – Field Trip

Several months ago, when my brother Rick was here visiting, we ate at the Flying Biscuit in Peachtree City, per a friends recommendation. We loved it! We loved it so much, that we went back the following morning, before we hiked Line Creek.

We don’t eat out a lot, but when we do it’s usually in the Newnan area, so I kind of forgot about the Flying Biscuit. Until this last weekend. We went after church and Dave (husband) was with us, (he wasn’t the last two times we were there) and he liked it as much as we did!

While we were there this time, I asked if we could take a tour of the restaurant sometime for a homeschool field trip. The owner said sure, and we agreed on a time.

Well, today was the day, and the boys and I thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Rhonda Dehbozorgi, the owner, showed us the whole process in the back and explained how things “roll” in their kitchen. It was such a great experience for the boys. Not only does the Flying Biscuit have a clean, organized kitchen, great employees, and a very kind owner… they have GREAT food!

We can’t wait to go back and try something else on the menu. If you live near a Flying Biscuit, do yourself a favor and get over there! Best grits I’ve ever had!

Here are some photos from our experience.

Rhonda is showing them how the dishwasher works. They know how to use ours… but they think this one is “so cool”!

Inside the walk-in-fridge. We really liked that too. I feel like I need one of those some days!

Where all those famous biscuits are kept, waiting to be baked.


 Showing them the cooking area. Nothing is fried here at the Flying Biscuit.

The left side of the cooking area is the cold side, and the right is the hot side.

On a busy day, they have up to 6 cooks back here!

(Maybe having all of us working in my tiny kitchen will be good experience for the boys if anyone of them is to become a professional cook some day!) 🙂

Here, Rhonda and Ashley are showing us how the order system works. One thing that is very impressive is the fact that the waiters/waitresses don’t write anything down, and yet always get your order right! And I can’t even get my kids names (or ages) right! 😉

Ashley is going to show us how to use the espresso machine.

Beautiful. Dave would like that.

Now, Ashley is making some Iced Chai Tea for us. Mmmmmm.

The boys trying Chai Tea for the first time.

They all have a few more years before they can apply for work here, but Gerrit said this will be his first application drop after he turns eighteen! And JJ better stop growing pretty soon or by the time he turns 18 he won’t be able to fit under the fridge door.

A big thank you to Rhonda for allowing us to come and see the inner workings of a great little restaurant! (The boys talked about how nice you were all the way home.) We truly enjoyed our time with you, and were so happy to get to meet your wonderful son, Matthew, and your husband Chris.

Thank you!


We will be back.


Gerrit (Guy), Jarrod (JJ) and Harrison

Flying Biscuit Cafe

P.S. Sorry Rhonda, it seems like Harrison’s head blocked you in a lot of the photos!

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