Gare-Bear Update 5-14

I do believe I missed an update in 2012. Don’t know what happened. I will have to investigate that.

Well, this last May, Gerrit had another MRI and we found out that the cyst has grown again. The doctor had planned to release him, as it is something he will always have, but at this point it should be pretty stable. He did not feel comfortable telling us that we didn’t have to have it checked on a regular basis anymore. He still wants to keep an eye on this crazy cyst. So… again in two years.

There are a couple of explanations for the growth of the cyst. One being, that as Gerrit grows, so does the cyst. And that is not necessarily bad…as long as there is still room for the spinal fluid to flow up and down around it, in his spinal column.

The other reason is not so lovely. It may be due to the cyst being agitated and swelling because of it. Don’t like to think about that one. But it has been several months and Gerrit is not showing any signs of it getting TOO big. Well…one of the signs is death…


We are talking millimeters here, but when you look at the MRI photo of the area…it seems that millimeters is all he has in that space going around the cyst.

We are hopeful. We are praying, and we will have another MRI in 2016.

Thank you for lifting him up in prayer.




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